nakakainis na kacornihan ngunit ika'y matatawa, manggigigil ka sa kabaduyan subalit maadik ka... manginginig ang iyong laman sa galit, titirik ang iyong mata sa ngitngit.... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

Monday, March 12, 2007

Good bye....

English - Goodbye (Formal),

German - Tschüss (Informal), Guten Abend (Goodnight), Auf wiedersehen [Owf veedersehen] (informal and friendly), Bis Später (Till later)

Esperanto - Ĝis revido!

Spanish - Adiós (informal), despedida (farewell), Hasta mañana (see you tomorrow, silent 'H'), Hasta la vista (be seeing you, silent 'H'), Hasta luego (see you later, silent 'H').

In latin america: Chau (bye, informal in Argentina and Uruguay), nos vemos (see you later, informal).

Italian - ciao [chow] (informal), arrivederci (ah-ree-vay-dare-chee)

French - adieu (if this is your last time with a person) au revoir (formal, pronounced 'o-revwa') toute à l'heure, à bientot (informal, if you'll be meeting the person anytime soon)

Japanese - Ja ne, Jaa mata (only say this when you know you will be meeting the person again soon),
Sayonara (farewell)

Chinese Mandarin - Zai Jian

Chinese Cantonese - Bai bai, Joi Geen

Korean- Ahn yawng hee kah seh yoh

Arabic, Mauritanian dialect -Wa danakoum li Moulana (literally: I leave you in God's trust)

Arabic classical - Ma Assalama (formal, meaning literally: With peace) Wada an (informal) Ila liqa (only say this when you'll be meeting the person again) Assalam Alikum (meaning May peace be upon you)

Portuguese - Tchau (or Xau) (informal, pronounced like Italian ciao) Adeus (formal) Até amanhã (if you will be seeing the person tomorrow) Até Já (if you will be seeing the person soon that day) Até Logo (if you will be seeing the person later that day)

Russian: Good Bye (formal) = до cвиданиѿ (Da-sveed-DAN-ee-ya);

Tamil - Tata(informal), Sendru-Vaa(formal), Kalambu(Rude) Poyata Varayn(informal, actaully means "I will go and come")

Dutch - Formal: Tot ziens (tot seens), Informal: Doei/Doeg (oe pronounced like in 'good', g=sharp), Mazzel, Zie je later, Groetjes (greetings)

Filipino - paalam (farewell)

Hindi = dont have exactly the same word as 'Bye', but we do say something like Chalta Hu

Urdu = Khuda Hafiz (God Bless you)

Panjabi = Rub Rakha (God Bless you)

Thai = la-gon (GoodBye)


At Last...

it's time to let go... time to be silent... this is the only outlet i have... i neither have time to grieve not cry... there's just too much emotions to actually react, to feel something... no one to talk to, no one to air my grievances to,

"it's sad to realize, that the only person that will make you stop crying, is the very same person that made you cry"

it's even more painful to realize that the person you air your greivances to, is the same person that you grieved for

i'm left with a machine to rant to, to talk to, and still i have to let go... i just can't anymore... life was just sucked out of me... i can't cry... no matter how much i want to, i can't, tears well up but it just wouldn't fall... like a third degree burn... every nerves have been damaged to feel anything... pasong paso...

it's time to heal... letting go is the start... the end of the beginning... the beginning of the end... the end and the beginning... all over again... and now i start back at one... ( or zero.. or the negative)


Walang Kwenta ka!!!!

again, i heard it... a relative thing to say...

i know i tried, that's good enough for me. the world is all about perception, i am not good at it... i can't pretend, i have no poker face, what my heart feels, my emotions can be seen, right thru me, my face, my eyes...

i can't fake it, i can't hide things... i have to explain what's in me for people to understand, but i don't have that luxury and even if i do, i won't...

a lot of people will never understand me... worse judge me... it's ok... it hurts, it saddens me when that happen, but i learned to live with it, but it still stings when it happens... judgements may be true, may be false...

the symbol of judgement is a blindfolded one, to remove what the eye's will see, the perception, yet, not all justice is just. can you imagine judging with your eyes wide open? good luck...

walang kwenta ka!!!
ikaw ang pinakawalang kwentang taong nakilala ko
mabuti't iniwan kita
dahil walang kwenta ka

sarili mo lang iniisip mo,
papano naman ako?
ikaw lang ang tama
walang kwenta ka!!!

tama na, dahil walang kwenta ka
ang kitid ng utak mo,
sarado pa nga yata

Don't put words in my mouth, this blog isn't about you... this is me as perceived (or maybe this is really me) yes... this is me... all of me.


When your dying....

... and you have someone attached to you, what would you do?

Make the person hate you so (s)he'll leave or make the most out of it?
I choose the former... it's a mean thing to do but for me it's the best way for that person to let go of you... hate then indifference... indifference make you feel nothing, no love, no hate, no emotional hang up... cold, ice-cold, stone-cold.

I don't like seeing people grieving over me, whether for whatever reason, i don't like it. I want to be non-existent, invisible maybe... unseen, unnoticed, ignored.

So there, being too close to me is a bad thing... leaving me is worse... me leaving is worst... i hate the drama of it all... i hate death around me, but i wish that death come to me...

i am ready, it's a celebration of life - to die. i have no reason to be afraid, what i have done in the past have been my choice, my doing and i'm ready to face the consequences. the intent has always been there... in whatever i do... certainly from my point of view it is for the best... end justifies the means?? means justifies the end?? i don't know.

i am ready... no fear... i am asking for it... bring it... give me freedom... this is too much to take.


Friday, March 02, 2007


Pulling my weight... dragging my feet...feels like the life force have been sucked out of me... i just feels so drained... burn out?? maybe... hunger? thirst??

Let's get it movin' movin'........


Invisible Barrier

How does one break a barrier? one that no one sees,something existing only the minds, in room of people who determines where you'll be in the next.... what?? 2, 3, 5 years??

an invisible shield, you proceed, exert extra-effort, push as hard as you can but only your vision goes thru, you can see through but can not pass thru...

the challenge excites you... the sight... the possibilities of going thru excites you, coz you see what's in store... at least most of it...the unexpected mistifies you... your adrenaline rushes thru your veins... NITRO... but you're still there... then you see a figure walk thru... hadly breaking a sweat... and now controls the destiny of those left behind.

maybe there's another route... maybe its time to turn around and walk away...

question is, is there really a barrier? or a it all made up by the mind, you see what you want to see... you don't see the path way... or maybe you just don't fit.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Looking Back....

I posted some things i wanted To Do before i die

pretty crazy to my standards... but i am not backing out... if there is an opportunity, i'll still go for it, but i won't die trying. hmmm... is there an irony there?

well... here's a new list... something more educational... useful and cultured...
  1. Learn a third language - Mandarin, French, Spanish what will it be? Mandarin is for business purposes, French is sexy, Spanish is classy.. hmmmm... let's play it by ear.
  2. Learn sign language - i was meaning to take this class last year, but i never got around to taking it. It could have come in handy in one our acquisitions.
  3. Take a regional tour - Bangkok, China, Indonesia, Malaysia... money and priority.. which to go to first... hmmmm... Bangkok first... Phuket would be on top of my list. China will be next...
  4. Take a Europian Tour - Backpacker style... i would have to get advise on this... but this will be an adventure... wild, crazy adventure. haarrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Play the Stock Market - this will be my source of income to sustain this adventures. Invest at least 100K... play the market well, get returns to fund this trips... sounds interesting...
well.. got to get the ball rolling... ta ta...


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


There comes a time when we come to a crossroad in our lives. Where a decision is inevitable. A decision that has to be made... that will play a crucial role in where you will be in the next 5 years or so...

No decision is bad when you make them, after seeing the results... when it's after the fact... that's when it counts.

It takes courage to hold on the reigns and take charge of your life. Out of the safety net your parents have provided, a longer leash, a bigger elbow room... for us to be independent... for us to succeed... also for us to fail... fail and learn!!!

Where will we be down the road? 5... 10 years from now... who knows... that's what life is all about... a big IF right smack in the middle...


Monday, February 19, 2007

Flame On!!!!

Saw Fantastic 4 again on cable last night... Jessica Alba is so hot... that body is to die for,

but that's not what this blog is all about... i was thinking, if there was that cosmic wave that hit the earth, how will my DNA mutate?? will my alter ego come out? my insecurities? my hot-headed personality?

lemme see... what powers do i want to have?

  1. Mind reading
  2. Astro - travelling
  3. X-ray vision
  4. Speed
  5. Shape Shifting
  6. Flying
  7. Time Travelling

Well, most probably by the normal course of nature, my strongest asset being adaptable, so i probably will become a shape shifter or my superman complex will give me speed and time travelling ability, so i can be everwhere anytime to help.

But if it will be a curse of nature then i will probably be able to read minds, hear other people's thought. I say its a curse, given that you'll be hearing every bad thoughts, back stabbing remarks that was meant for public consumption except yourself... it will make you wary of people... given everyone is guilty of such hypocracy and back stabbing mentality disguised in the politically correct or socially accepted attitude of being diplomatic or being civil.

though its cool to have x-ray vision, but i'd rather have "what-lies-beneath" revealed slowly and deliberately... hmmmm... Sue Storm...


Saturday, February 17, 2007

5K Fun Run

Feb 17, 2007, my first 5k marathon... marathon?? fun run lang uy... :)

The weeks of "training" somehow paid off. 4 rounds in Ayala Triangle - Ayala Ave - Makati ave - Paseo de Roxas - 1.25 km per round. I started to feel my lungs wanting to explode after 3km, the sides of my ribs began aching... water... deep breaths... brisk walking... go ulit...

Jake, Mabi, Caloy, Justinn, Jan, Roann and me were the CII team... Alex?? hah!! no show... well Jake was among the top 5 finishers. Jan, Roann and me were the back packers... we were at the back of the pack.. at least for the team. Jan lagged a bit behind me and roann but managed to catch up with us in the final stretch and the moron left us behind... last minute sprint... daya nito... well its not a competitive run anyway... it was fun by the way..

thanks for breakfast jake..... Jake Roxas that is... congratulations.!!!!

Pictures to come... soon!!!


Friday, February 16, 2007

ROAD Trip... part 2

Next Stop Zambales...

The eng-eng's in Zambales (whats that on Cathy's head?)

Bodie, Bevs, Cathy, Aris, Michelle (in shades), Erdel & Yeye, Bam and Jopet with Bryan, Tiara and Cynric (the kids)

Our stay in Crystal Beach was relatively short.... a little over 3 hours... just a dip in the sea and lunch on the beach... inihaw na liempo, tilapia and chopsuey... not bad for a relatively unplanned trip. no frills, basta wala maarte... game lahat...